Control & Automation

Control and Automation without human interaction is key to business success. Modern Automation, Control, Logging & Monitoring Solutions is VITAL.
Are you interested in Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance System, Industrial Asset Monitoring? When it comes to industrial equipment automation and monitoring, using software based instrument virtualization provide competitive edge resulting in time and cost saving.
We work with hardware created by companies such as National Instruments and develop the necessary software to control large pieces of equipment and ensure each piece is working optimally. National Instruments graphical software (LabVIEW) together with modular hardware make building measurement and control systems faster.

Monitoring System

Industrial Monitoring and Control.
Embedded Design and Prototyping.
Automated Test and Measurement.

Deployment System

We develop automation, logging and monitoring software that can;
Measure pressure, temperature, vibration, humidity, flow rates, etc.
Shut off equipment if something is not working properly.
Automate equipment to be smarter.
Enable your devices to report real-time data online to anyone, anywhere

Integrated System

We also provide highly integrated systems platforms including PXI and CompactRIO – from desktop computing to real-time and embedded systems leveraging our modular measurement and control hardware in complete customizable systems. All of the hardware is defined by the software like NI LabVIEW, enabling users to design, prototype, and deploy custom systems that acquire, control, analyze and present the real-world data.


Facility Systems & Equipment, Mechanical Sub-Systems & Components, Fluid & Pneumatic Sub-Systems etc.

Cloud Services

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
XaaS (Anything as a Service)
Platform as a Services (PaaS)
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS
) Storage as a service (SaaS)
Network as a service (NaaS)
Hybrid Cloud Implementation
On Premise Data Center Integration

Flexible Cloud Service

Our offering is built on an open and flexible cloud service platform. Without worrying about the infrastructure our client can build and deploy modern, cross platform web and mobile applications. Run your enterprise applications on the platform. Encode, store and stream audio and video at scale and also build intelligent products and services leveraging Internet of Things services


Virtual Machines, Mobile Apps, Data Analytics, Internet of Things, Media and CDN, Hybrid Integration, Identity and Access Management, Management and Security and lots more