Who We Are

Chillion Global Resources Ltd is a leading provider of ICT and its products and services creating end-to-end telecommunication infrastructure in Africa. Delivering Solutions covering the entire value chain of the telecommunication infrastructure industry.
We have proved our competence and professionalism in delivering total ICT solutions to our clients over the years and this has earned us a reputation of providing timely and qualitative service delivery to meet the requirements of our customers which are largely the
Major Telecoms players in Nigeria and abroad, Banks in Nigeria and outside, Multinational Companies, Government establishments.

Mission Statement
To deliver total ICT solution to our clients aimed at the realization of their goals at the right COST, TIME and QUALITY.
We are a team of performance driven company which is determine to deliver excellent and superior telecoms performance to clients and bringing our expertise into what we do as we accept challenges and believe in an innovative world to the advancement of global technology.

We have the mandate to:
Deliver Solution covering the entire value chain of the telecommunication infrastructure industry
Attract, retain and grow the best talents in the industry in order to capitalize our resource on our talent pool.
Deliver high returns to stakeholders through timely and professional delivery with efficient management.
Involve its professional allied company facility and personnel to achieve great results.

To be a leading provider of ICT and its products and services creating end-to-end telecommunication infrastructure in Africa by 2020. This we plan to achieve by strategically positioning our company through our product offerings, service capabilities and availability to meet the best of industry standards by our team of young, dynamic and very energetic crew

ERP & CRM System
ERP Deployment & Implementation
CRM Deployment & Implementation
Bespoke Application & Customization
We closely examine our clients’ businesses and proffer solutions that leverage their existing technology and enable them to progressively and systematically add capabilities fast.
The demands on today’s applications are changing. They must be securely integrated in real-time with disparate data sources. They need to exchange data with other systems on public cloud, private cloud, and traditional systems.
We put in place policy, management, context-aware controls to make our client business secure and available at all times. Whether developing a tailored-to-suit business application or deploying and tuning off-the-shelf application, we select and deploy the most appropriate business solution to keep our clients profitable and relevant in their field for now and the future.
Our offering span Operating Systems (Linux, Windows), Server Software (MS Exchange Server, SQL Server), Web and Scripting (HTML, VBScript), Languages (Java, Windows SDK), Technologies (J2EE, .Net) CRM, ERP, vendor like Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Acumatica etc.

ERP Testing & Validation
System Testing
Integration Testing
Service Testing
Unit Testing
Compliance Testing
Implementation of ERP systems requires various forms of system testing, multiple user acceptance testing, multiple level of performance and load testing with millions of “live test data” from the existing systems which needs to be imported to the new ERP system.

Business Process Automations
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
Business Process Automations (BPA)
Software Development
Portals & Collaboration
Most of the time off-the-self solutions might not meet the needs of the organization. In such cases, we seat with organizations to understand to understand their business processes and help develop bespoke solutions to meet their exact needs.

Our Technology experience includes:
Microsoft .NET and Windows Mobile development
iPhone and Android development
PHP and open sources
SharePoint development
Custom Application Development
Businesses often use different systems that meet the needs of various departments to carry out their businesses. These disparate Line of Business Applications often need to communicate. We can integrate these systems within your organization through the use of Application Programming Interface (API) to ensure homogeneity and optimal use of resources.